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Well Woman Yoga,

FRIDAYS • 9:00 - 10:00 AM, Vienna time

This class incorporates Birthlight Well Woman Yoga with short relaxation exercises to recharge and access vitality. Movements and poses are accessible. The sequences are created especially for women.

All classes will be held on Zoom

  • This class donates a part of the fees to the AWA Office/ Club.

  • This class is for interested women who are comfortable learning online.  We want you to be aware of the limitations of online learning to stay safe in our practice.

  • Please inform me of any pre-condition including minor aches and pains by email.

  • For your health and safety, please make sure that you have checked with your doctor that you can do yoga.

  • If you would like to be a member of AWA, please check their website here and sign up for classes here.

Well Woman Yoga, Saturdays

• 10:00 - 10:45 AM, Vienna / 4:00 - 4:45 PM, Manila

These two classes are free.  Check Urban Ashram Yoga (UAY) or download Urban Ashram Yoga app in your app Store or play store and Book your slot now.

This class incorporates Birthlight Well Woman Yoga to recharge and access vitality. Movements and poses are accessible. The sequences are created especially for women. This class helps alleviate common symptoms of perimenopause and beyond.

More about the class, click here.

All classes will be held on Zoom

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Vinyasa Flow

SUNDAYS • 9:00 - 10:15 AM, Vienna time

This is an open level class to flow and move the body in various ways. The sequences are created to work on flexibility and strength, move the breath and attention to generate vitality.

All classes will be held on Zoom

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Yoga with Ivy is about celebrating women as mothers, as female bodies accessing sensuality and vitality beyond reproductive years, and as lovers of the earth.

Nurture and connect with yourself. Take a Me Time. It will help ground you, make you a better person, and generate more happy cells to experience joy and express love.

If you are interested in working with your hips and toning those muscles, join my monthly class package to receive the full benefits of pelvic floor attention.

60€ for 4 classes/month

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I'm Ivy and I support my students to strengthen their body and generate vitality by guiding them to accessible movements and poses. I am an advocate of promoting yoga as a sustainable lifetime practice in energizing the body and being present in the moment. I have developed my own nurturing style of teaching, incorporating my insights and learnings from my trainings in Well Woman yoga, Vinyasa Flow and pranayama.

I have completed my RYT 200 with YogaWorks under Joan Hyman and I continue to be guided by Joan as I take the 300 HR Professional Course with the School of Yoga (SOY). I have a special interest in yoga for women's health and completed the Well Woman Diploma course with Birthlight under Francoise Freedman. In addition, I continue to take CPD courses with Birthlight and study with other teachers in the School of Yoga program. My teaching style encourages my students to move in intelligent yet accessible ways, generate vitality and find joy in the practice of yoga at any age or stage in your life.


You: These times don't work with my schedule.

Us: No worries. All the classes are recorded. Just sign up for the class and request access to the recording of the class.

You: What are the classes like?

Us: Sequences are created with the female body in mind incorporating adaptive movements and modified yoga poses to honor what the body can do at a certain time. We move in accessible ways to stretch and relax more. Give it a try, see what you think.

You: What do I need in my yoga space and do I need to use props during the class?

Us: It would be ideal to have a clear space and a wall near your mat to use when needed. I recommend having props to reach and adjust the positions of your body. Have two blocks, folded bath towels or blanket, and strap or sarong next to you when you practice.

Move with me & generate vitality


"From the day I started yoga with Ivy, I enjoyed every moment of it! Her classes are one of best relaxing and strengthening ones! She is a very patient teacher/ yoga trainer! She has a perfect touch of teaching and dealing with people from different ages!"

Sarah A.

"I enjoy every moment of Ivy's class. She is well organised, she provides a balanced programme, and she knows what the feminine body needs. The different poses are explained and with repetition we get better in it. After each class I feel energetic and balanced!!"

Maria L.

"Having Ivy as a yoga teacher made me look forward to weekends especially during the pandemic. It was one thing that I was excited about in a time full of stress and anxiety. She made me feel comfortable and uninhibited going into the poses or sequences that she prepared for class. Everything just flowed organically. It was so yogic. Ivy was also able to tap into different little muscles and senses that one would think is possible in a yoga class. It gave me a whole new appreciation for yoga for women. Her classes gave me that much-needed “me time.”"

Rose O.


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